Today: McKeldin CLOSED


McKeldin Library Periodicals has:

  • 71 current newspapers in print
  • Over 2,000 current journals in print
  • 336,936 bound periodicals
  • More than 5.8 million microforms

Current newspapers are kept in the Periodicals Room, at back of the first floor. They are split into American papers (27), foreign papers (15), and special interest papers (29).

Current journals and magazines are organized alphabetically on the Current Periodicals shelves next to the newspapers in the Periodicals Room. A small number of these are kept separately due to high demand. Signage in the Current Periodicals shelves indicates which titles are held at the desk. Ask at the first floor Library Services Desk for access.

Microforms are organized by call number along the back wall of the Periodicals Room. They are split by format. Microfilm (35mm reels), microfiche (3x5 transparent cards), and microcards (3x5 opaque cards) are all accessible at any time. Microprint (5x8 opaque cards) is kept separately and you will need to ask at the Library Services Desk for access.

There are five microform scanners located on the first floor of McKeldin which are capable of scanning all microform types in the collection. You can scan and print immediately, or scan to your email or USB storage device.

Bound periodicals are located in the Periodicals Stacks (or PERSTKS) on the movable shelving at the back of floors 3, 6, and 7. This collection does not circulate; however you can use the copy/print/scan machines located on the first, third, sixth, and seventh floors or the scanners located on the first and second floors to make copies.

If you have any questions, call us at 301-405-9244.