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General-Use Equipment

Equipment Loan Program

The Terrapin Learning Commons Tech Desk has a variety of general-use equipment, from calculators to projectors and plenty of things in between! Our general-use equipment is first-come, first-serve and typically cannot be borrowed overnight or reserved in advance. All you need to do in order to borrow the general-use equipment is come to the desk on the second floor with your UMD ID. Looking for any other equipment? We also have production equipment and equipment for studying, health, and wellness.

13” MacBook Airs and 14” Dell Latitude E7000 series laptops are both available. Both types of laptops have access to the Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office Suite, Audacity, Skype, VLC Media Player, and SPSS. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are installed on both, with Internet Explorer also available on the Dells. Laptops are on a 6 hour loan period.

We have iPad Airs and Google Nexus 7 tablets at the TLC. The iPad Airs are reimaged after every use and students must log in to their iCloud account in order to access additional applications on the iPads. These items go out for 6 hours and are typically fully charged when they are checked out.

Both scientific (non-graphing; TI-30XS) and graphing (TI-84) calculators can be borrowed from the Tech Desk. Both calculators are powered by AA batteries, which the Tech Desk can replace if necessary. Calculators can be borrowed for 6 hours at a time.

Wacom Tablet
There are three Wacom tablets available in the TLC. There are medium Wacom Intuos tablets with a drawing space that measures 10.75 x 8.75 inches, Intuos 3 tablets with a 6 x 8 inch drawing surface, and a Cintiq Wacom tablet. Each tablet comes with the necessary pen and eraser and connect via USB. These are on a 6 hour loan period.
Logitech Keyboard & Mouse
There is both a wireless keyboard and mouse set, and a wired USB mouse for loan at the TLC Tech Desk. The keyboard and mouse are not Bluetooth but rather connect to your device through a USB wireless transmitter, and there are adapters available for devices that do not have USB ports. This is also a 6 hour loan item.

Portable Document Scanner
This VuPoint Portable Magic Wand Portable Scanner is a plug-and-play device that quickly scans documents and saves the scan to an microSD card. Scans can be in color or black and white. Using a USB the microSD card, the scans can be moved from the device to your Windows or Mac computer. This is available for 6 hours at a time.

Apple Chargers
The TLC has MagSafe, MagSafe 2, and Apple USB-C chargers for MacBooks. There are also MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapters. Both types of iPhone chargers are available, and the USB-C charger also works for phones. Chargers go out for 6 hours at a time.

Micro-USB Charger
Micro-USB chargers are available for any device that can charge with a micro-USB, including phones, gaming devices, and headphones. They are on a 6 hour loan period.

Microsoft Surface Pro Charger
There are a limited number of chargers for the Microsoft Surface Pro at the TLC Tech Desk. Like the other chargers, they are on a 6 hour loan period.

Universal Laptop Charger for PC
Our universal laptop charger works for most, but not all, PCs. The charger itself has a removable tip, which allows the TLC to select and loan only the tip that will fit your computer. These chargers are also on a 6 hour loan period.
Over-the-Ear Headphones
Three types of over-the-ear headphones are available at the TLC: the Audio-Technica M50X, the Audio-Technica M40X, and the Sony MDR-7506. These headphones are used in the recording and video production industry and are popular among audiophiles. All headphones are available for 6 hours at a time, and sanitizing wipes are available upon request.

Headset The Logitech H390 USB headset with noise-canceling mic is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and does not require any additional software installation. It will also work with Chromebooks. This is a great tool for Skype calls and is available for 6 hours at a time. Sanitizing wipes are available upon request.
Portable BluRay/DVD Player
This is a free-standing portable Philips BluRay/DVD player. You do not need to have a computer to use this player and it can be powered by an AC adapter or by the rechargeable battery pack. There are headphone jacks on this device but it is not Bluetooth compatible. The player goes out on a 6 hour loan.

External DVD Drive
These external DVD drives are ASUS brand and can read both CDs and DVDs. It will connect to your device via USB and so is not compatible with devices that do not have regular USB ports. For the external DVD drives, there is a 6 hour loan period.

There are two projectors available at the TLC: the Acer K132 (mini) and the Acer K138. Both projectors connect using a VGA cable, and although the K138 speaker is very useful the mini projector speakers can be difficult to hear. Both projectors are available on an 8 hour loan period.

Super 8 & 35mm Film Scanner
Our portable film scanner is the Jumbl 126kpk and can be used to digitize both 35mm photographic negatives and Super 8 video film. The machine is portable and a manual is available online.