Today: McKeldin CLOSED

Studying, Health, and Wellness Equipment

Resistance Bands
Four different types of resistance bands (light, medium, heavy, and very heavy) can be checked out in the TLC. The loan period for resistance bands is 6 hours, and they are at the Tech Desk through a partnership with RecWell.

Yoga Mats
Patrons can also borrow yoga mats at the Tech Desk for 6 hours per day. There are a limited number available and sanitizing wipes are available upon request.

Exercise Ball Chairs For 8 hours at a time, patrons can borrow exercise ball chairs from the TLC. The back and base of these chairs are plastic, but the seat itself is an exercise ball. People who prefer to use exercise ball chairs often say that it helps them focus better by giving them an outlet for excess energy, as well as improving posture and balance.

Sports Equipment
There is a variety of sports equipment available at the Tech Desk: bicycle helmets, frisbees, footballs, and hula hoops. This equipment is limited and available through a partnership with RecWell, but is available for 6 hours at a time except for the bicycle helmets, which are available for 24 hour check-out.

Verilux HappyLight
There is a Verilux light therapy lamp (or “Happy Light”) available for loan at the Tech Desk. It provides full-spectrum, UV-free light and can be used on either a table or a desk. The Happy Light is available for 28 days (with a referral from the UM Health Center), or one hour (without a referral). .

Study Supplies
Rulers, large personal dry-erase whiteboards, and whiteboard markers are provided for loan at the TLC desk. All of our study supplies go out for 8 hours at a time and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.