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Production Equipment

Equipment Loan Program

The Terrapin Learning Commons Tech Desk has two types of production equipment: on-demand production equipment, which can be borrowed by just coming to the second floor desk with your UID card, and long-term production equipment, which you must reserve in advance using our equipment request form. On-demand equipment must be returned the day it is checked out, while long-term equipment goes out for up to three days at a time. We cannot honor same-day requests for long-term equipment.

Slik Sprint Pro II tripods are among the on-demand production equipment offered at the TLC. They are great travel tripods and have a maximum height of 64”. The multi-angle leg locks on this tripod make it perfect for filming on steps or in other uneven areas around campus.

Cameras (Photography)
There are several types of cameras available for photography. The Nikon D3300 is a strong entry-level DSLR with manual controls and is an on-demand, 8 hour loan. There are also three models of the Nikon CoolPix available: B500, L120, and L830, which are available for 4 hours at a time. All of the photography cameras have minimal video capacity, but are typically not the right solution for extended filming.

Cameras (Video)
The on-demand camcorder at the TLC is the Sony Handycam HDR-CX-240. It is a straightforward camcorder perfect for beginners and small projects. The Handycam is available on demand for 6 hours at a time.

Digital Audio Recorders
Two digital audio recorders available for 6-hour loan on demand: the Zoom H4N and the Tascom DR-05. Both are great for conducting field interviews or any other recording session in a smaller space. The microphones on the recorders are omnidirectional and will pick up ambient noise. They are powered with AA batteries.

Camera Kits

Starter Kit
Our starter kits come with a Zoom Q2HD. Each Zoom has a USB cable that can be used to transfer files to your computer in addition to a micro SD card. It is powered by two AA batteries. Our starter kits are perfect for users who want to record quick, medium-quality video and don’t want to learn how to use complicated equipment.

Sports Kit
For those who want an action camera to record video on the go, our sports kit includes a GoPro Hero 4, two rechargable batteries, and an array of mounts. Our GoPros come with a micro SD card and a USB cable for file transfer.

The DSLR kit is primarily for users who would like to take higher-quality still photos. Our kits come with a Nikon DSLR and two lenses in a hard case. Each DSLR has a rechargeable battery and charger. For file transfer, it comes with both a USB cable and an SD card.

Camcorder Kit
Our camcorder kits come with a Canon Vixia HF-G40 and a shotgun microphone in a hard case, with a windsock available on request. Each kit also comes with a Manfrotto tripod. The camcorders each have a rechargeable battery and charger. The shotgun microphones that come with our camcorder kits are not currently compatible with our ring lights.


Lavalier Microphones
The lavalier microphones available at the TLC Tech Desk are small, hands-free microphones intended for production, not amplification. Each lavalier microphone set comes with the microphone, a transmitter and receiver, a charger, XLR to 3.5mm cable, and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.

Rode Shotgun Microphones
Our shotgun mics are for use in production by mounting on a hot shoe. They are compatible with our ring lights, and can be used with our camcorder kits.

Handheld Fender Microphones
These microphones are a standard handheld microphone attached with an XLR cable. They are compatible with our PA systems, but will also work with any other sound system that can connect with an XLR.


LED Lite Panel
The LED Lite Panels come with an adjustable stand. They allow for more directed and versatile lighting. Our LED panels are not battery powered and must be plugged in to a standard outlet in order to work.

Ring Light
Our ring lights come with a number of different filters and fit snugly on our shotgun microphones. They are not, at this time, compatible with the shotgun microphones that come with our camcorder kits. They are a directed and uniform light source.

Other Audio

PA System
For loud sound projection, the PA system is the best solution the TLC has to offer. Each PA system comes with two speakers and a mixer that fit together to make the system compact and easily portable. Our handheld microphones are compatible with the PA system, as is any other input that uses an XLR cable.
Digital Audio Recorders
For reservation, these are the best simple solution to audio recording. Each battery-powered recorder comes with a USB cable and a micro SD card. The recorders can be used in conjunction with another microphone input or they can be used on their own.

Production Support

All of our available tripods available on reservation are Manfrottos with fluid heads and adjustable legs. They have standard tripod threading and should be compatible with most cameras, including our Zoom Q2HDs. We do not at this time offer tripods that are compatible with iPads or iPhones.

Collapsible Reflector
For patrons experienced in film or photography, the TLC offers collapsible reflectors. This equipment is typically used for better control over lighting in a shoot, and the ones available at the Tech Desk are extremely light, portable, and take up very little space.

Other Available Equipment

Elgato Analog to Digital Converter
The Elgato converter is a great take-home solution for converting VHS tapes to a digital file on your Mac or Windows computer. It is extremely straightforward and comes with a software guide that easily guides you through the necessary steps. Please note that you must have your own VCR to use the Elgato and that the TLC does not, at this time, loan legacy media equipment. Patrons interested in video conversion but who do not own a VCR should consider making an appointment to use the MakerSpace Memory Lab by emailing

Video Conference Kit
This kit is perfect for any situation where multiple people in one room are trying to video call with another person or group. It comes with a webcam, a tabletop USB microphone, and a tripod.