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Staff and Faculty Positions

Responsible for original and complex copy cataloging of continuing resources in all subjects and in various formats and languages. Creates and updates records following the standards of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, producing BIBCO, CONSER, and NACO records as appropriate.

The Continuing Resources Librarian has three main areas of responsibility: (1) Obtaining and making discoverable continuing resources of various formats for the University of Maryland Libraries and managing the continuing resource lifecycle, from purchase through cancellation; (2) Maintaining records in various systems for Libraries collection materials for the purposes of inventory control, bibliographic control, and facilitating discovery, (3) Managing all aspects of Open Access agreements, and (4) Providing customer service to Libraries users (whether internal or external) regarding questions of access to, or description of, Libraries Collections materials.

The Outreach and Engagement Librarian in Special Collections has the critical responsibility of coordinating and collaborating across various units both within SCUA and across the Libraries. This position also serves as SCUA’s principal point of contact with potential stakeholders in the University and beyond.

Background Check Notice

Offers of employment are contingent on completion of a background check. A prior criminal conviction or convictions will not automatically disqualify a finalist from employment in the position.

Verification of Credentials

Upon the request of the University, Appointee agrees to have sent to the University, upon its request, certified copies of any transcript(s) reflecting the award of degree(s) listed as received on the Appointee’s curriculum vitae.  Appointee further agrees to provide to the University, upon its request, evidence of employability as required by the United States Immigration Laws.  Appointee agrees that the employment of Appointee is terminable by the University if at any time Appointee fails to provide such evidence.

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