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UMD librarian publishes deep dive into the scientific research process

From creation to dissemination and discovery, UMD librarian Svetla Baykoucheva takes readers through the life cycle of science information in her new book, Driving Science Information Discovery in the Digital Age.

In her book, Baykoucheva explores science information from three distinct perspectives:

  • The information seeker’s, who discover, manage and use information;
  • The publisher’s, who publish, disseminate and make the information discoverable; and
  • The researcher’s, who create, spread and promote scientific information.

From these perspectives, Baykoucheva illustrates the dramatic shift in how scientific information is searched for and shared in the digital age.

“I wanted to show how users of scientific information could find scientific information more efficiently and how those who create this information could communicate their research so that people would see it. In the middle, we have the publishers, indexing services, search engines—the ‘agents’ that disseminate scientific information and make it discoverable,” said Baykoucheva on what inspired her to write this book.

After 16 years with the University of Maryland Libraries, Baykoucheva is retiring from her position as the Chemistry and Life Sciences Librarian at the end of this year. During her time here, she taught more than 300 library information sessions, helping more than 12,000 students learn to find and manage scientific information.

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