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2023 Library Survey Results

Last Spring we asked you to share your thoughts and shape our Libraries through our 2023 Library Survey. The survey was administered through the Association of Research Libraries’ LibQUAL+® program, an industry standard for research libraries, and measured service quality in multiple dimensions, including physical spaces and online access to resources. Results from surveys allow the Libraries to identify best practices through benchmarking against peer institutions, analyze potential deficits, effectively allocate resources, and tailor its programs and services to better meet users’ needs.

We asked and you answered with over 2000 survey responses. Check out the results below and see how we’ve incorporated your feedback over the last year.

What does the survey measure?

The survey identifies three areas to gauge library users overall satisfaction. Those areas are:

  • Affect of Service: measures patrons satisfaction with the service and help provided by Libraries faculty and staff
  • Libraries as Place: measures patron satisfaction with the physical facilities of the Libraries
  • Information Control: measures patron satisfaction with collections and access

Statements are rated on the minimum level of acceptable service, desired level of service, and perceived level of service.

Who took the survey?

We received 2,007 total survey responses.

Undergraduates: 1,182 (58.89%)     
Graduate Students: 449 (22.37%)       
Faculty: 198 (9.87%)        
Library Staff: 35 (1.74%)        
Campus Staff: 143 (7.13%)

The Results

Undergraduate Students

Our survey found that across undergraduates, students were generally content with the current level of services offered and facilities of the libraries, with none of the areas falling into the minimum desired category. Undergraduates found that interactions with staff and access to archives and special collections exceeded their desired level of service.

Graduate Students

Similarly, graduate students also did not find any areas in the survey below their minimum desired level of service. They also found customer service and access to archives and special collections exceeded their desired level of service.


Faculty responded that they had trouble in the Libraries online environment with areas like “A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own” and “Ability to navigate library Web pages easily” being less than minimum desired levels. However, across eight other categories regarding services and spaces, faculty responded that the Libraries exceeded their desired level of service.

Across respondent groups, the Libraries was highly rated for our personnel and customer service along with our access to archives and special collections.

For more detailed results, view our full 2023 results below. This survey was previously conducted in 2017. View our 2017 results below.

Improvements to the Libraries

We’ve taken your feedback to heart and are implementing changes and improvements in our Libraries.

  • In response to concerns about noise and aging furniture in our libraries, we have purchased new Agati Study Pods for the 1st, 6th, and 7th floors in McKeldin Library, creating more comfortable individual study spaces. Additionally, we have developed a plan for refreshing furniture inMcKeldin Library and will be renovating study rooms to improve conditions and reduce noise beginning in 2025.
  • We participated in campus efforts to develop the Campus Facilities Plan, which includes a “McKeldin Library Addition & Renovation” in its list of State-Supported 10-Year Projects.
  • In response to feedback about difficulties using our website and search tools, the Libraries launched UMD Discover, a new integrated library system, in Summer 2024. The system upgrade provides users with an improved search experience and better access to Libraries' print, electronic, and digital collections as well as improved discovery of items across University System of Maryland institutions. We have also hired a UX/UI Designer to provide more support for our efforts to continually improve our web presence based on user studies.
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