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Graduate Assistantships

GA Front End Developer

  • Opened Date:  February 7, 2019
  • Closing Date:   February 20, 0219

The Graduate Assistant Front End Developer provides broad programming support to the University of Maryland Libraries for the development and delivery of websites, online exhibits and digital collections, focusing on front-end user interface development. The majority of this work will be using the Hippo CMS website development toolkit which is built utilizing Java, Maven, Spring, and Freemarker templates.  The developer will report to the SSDR manager and work closely with a team of full-time and graduate assistant developers in a structured software development and promotion environment.

The developer will participate in daily standup meetings, track assignments and progress using JIRA, track code changes using Git, and generate written documentation using Markdown and Confluence wiki.

To apply, please tgo to the GA Front End Developer application webpage.




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If you have any questions regarding Graduate Assistantships, contact Dun-Yee Wong at dywong[@] or 301-314-0211.