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Censored Materials

The Prange Collection contains censored materials, including galley proofs of books, newspaper and magazine articles, and manuscripts of books that were either partially censored (with deletions and/or other modifications) or entirely suppressed.

Censored Newspapers 

Censored newspapers can be located by using the Advanced Search in the 20th Century Media Information Database.  Select "censored or uncensored" in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Advanced Search page.

Censored Books 

Censored books can be located by doing an Advanced Search in the UMD Libraries Online Catalog. In the "search for words in..." field, select "notes" in a dropdown menu, and enter "検閲" (censored) or "断片"(fragment). Then limit the search by either selecting "Prange Collection" in the "location" field or "Prange" in the "named collection" field.

Click on the links below for inventories of censored books and fragments of books.​ These inventories also include manuscripts and galley proofs, whether they were censored or not.   Some fragments have not been matched with published versions of the books.  The censored materials lists are updated as new materials or information are discovered.