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Data Repositories

The University Libraries offer both data preservation solutions and data preservation consultation. Research data are often subject to retention policies as well as preservation and sharing mandates by funding agencies. Identifying an appropriate location for storing your data is necessary to maintain legal and regulatory compliance.

Long-term retention and continued access to data depends on data being stored in an adequate and appropriate repository. Most funding agencies will require you to include details about your choice of repository in a data management plan. 

You should evaluate a potential data repository in the following areas:

  • Cost
  • Scope and audience
  • Acceptable data formats
  • File size limits
  • Types of access restrictions

Registries and directories of data repositories

A brief list of cross-disciplinary repositories

Other repositories

Open Data

Not all data are required to be open access, public, or in open formats. However, should you be required to produce and disseminate data in open formats, the University Libraries can provide assistance for format migration, consultation for licensing, and repository selection. Additionally, we also assist with data attribution and documentation. 

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