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STEAM Salon event

The mission of STEAM Salon is to provide a platform that centers the work of emerging researchers, faculty, and students at the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STEAM Salons enrich the intellectual and cultural life of our community through engaged conversation and shared ideas. We offer an inclusive space for developing researchers, faculty, and students to grow as professionals and to connect with a broad campus audience.

STEAM Salon is an informal series presented by the Libraries' Research Education Program and hosted by the STEM Library.

Past Events

Simone Nicole Durham: "Black Lives Matter in Polarized News Media: Politics, Policing, Prejudice, and Protest"
Dr. Meredith Gore: "Interdisciplinary Intelligence Mapping of Illicit Global Environmental Change"
Merijke Coenraad: "Designing Together to Teach and Understand Techquity"
Cicada Crew: Fear, fascination, and fun in the 2021 return of periodical cicadas
Jan-Michael Archer: Mapping Environmental Injustice in Maryland
Jared Mezzocchi: "Creating a Zoom play in the time of plague & insurrection"
Brandon Morse: TRACES
Dr. Natasha Andrade and Dr. David Tomblin: What are they talking about?
Dr. Thurka Sangaramoorthy: "Rapid Ethnographic Assessments: A Practical Approach For Collaborative Community Research"
Dr. Karin Burghardt: "Landscaping for biodiversity and ecosystem services"
Pirjo Kangas: "AI in Libraries"
Cy Keener: "Vestiges of Ice: Data, Digital Tools, & Art"
Hester Baer and Michele Mason: "Speculating on Human Futures After Fukushima"
Jessica Vitak: "Privacy, Security, and Ethical Challenges in the era of Big Data"
Kate Tully: "Ecosystems in Transition: Sea-Level Rise unlocks Agricultural Legacies"
Susan Wiesner: "Representing Conflict through Dance"
Mark Fuge: "Designing with Data"
Michael Driggers: "Printing Bernini: How Theatre Uses 3D Technology"
Grant McKenzie: "Open geo-data from social fitness tracking apps"
Jon Froehlich: "Making with a Social Purpose: Transforming STEM Learning Through Wearables"
Jen Golbeck: "Foretold Futures from Digital Footprints: Artificial Intelligence, Behavior Prediction, and Privacy"
Leah Findlater: "Augmenting Abilities Through Wearable Technologies"
Dan Russell: "The Future of Asking (and Answering) QuestionsHow Technology Changes the Way We Think"

Proposals and Nominations

We highly encourage faculty mentor nominations and student proposals for future STEAM Salon presentations. We accept proposals and nominations on an ongoing basis.


At the University Libraries, we strive to present inclusive events that enable all individuals, including those with disabilities, to fully participate. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact us at

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