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Future of the Research Library Speaker Series

Presented by the University of Maryland Libraries, the lecture series explores the role of a modern research library in a rapidly changing environment.  Invited speakers will inform, provoke, and otherwise engage our thinking in different and innovative ways. These free events are open to all members of the campus community and the general public.

Upcoming Event:

Sustainable Collection Management: Enabling the Transformation of Libraries

Presenter: Matt Barnes, Director of Sustainable Collection Services at OCLC

Date: April 26, 2017 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Location: McKeldin Library 6137 (Special Events Room)

Academic libraries have endured as centers of learning and research because they have continually evolved to meet the needs of scholars. Today we are in the midst of an evolutionary leap forward, driven by the continuing transition from print to electronic resources, connected patrons with new expectations, emerging disciplines with information needs that transcend traditional resources, and financial pressures that preclude building and maintaining highly redundant collections of low-use print materials.

Evidence that a major transformation of academic libraries is underway continues to mount. We will examine this by reviewing how libraries are expanding the scope and nature of their collections; integrating information resources with applied learning experiences; facilitating researcher collaboration; and completely rethinking collections and access. Finally, we will look at how libraries have been leveraging data to implement sustainable collection practices, which are critical to creating the space, both figuratively and literally, to transform libraries.

About Matt Barnes

Matt has been working in the academic library community since 2002 and has held senior-level positions at Blackwell Book Services, ebrary, and ProQuest. He is particularly interested in transforming data into insights that help libraries advance their mission. Matt holds a MBA from Washington State University, a certificate in Business Analytics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and a certificate of Database Management from the University of Washington.