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ENGL 101: Academic Writing


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The program is divided into two sessions.  Each session builds essential research skills and cultivates an understanding of rhetorical analysis. The sessions are designed to reflect the students' stage in the research process, with early sessions focusing on brainstorming topics and later sessions focusing on evaluating sources for credibility and authority. The two sessions should be scheduled at least two weeks apart. 

Library Instruction Sessions

Session 1:

Brainstorming Activity: Students are divided into groups and assigned a predetermined topic. To help develop a research question from a broad topic, they are asked to collaboratively answer the questions in the quadrant below. Groups will share their responses with the class and discuss how to refine their topic and develop search strategies. Students are then introduced to various search engines and article databases that provide scholarly and popular resources. 


  • What is your topic? What other issues/events are similar or related to your topic? 


  • Who is affected by your topic? Who is involved?


  • How does your topic impact society, culture, politics, economics? 


  • Why does this topic matter to you? Why should it matter to others? 

Evaluating Authority Activity: Students are given a brief article to read. Using the article, we have a conversation about evaluating sources for authority, relevance, and credibility. We also discuss some of the differences between scholarly and popular sources. Students are provided with a worksheet they can use to evaluate sources that they discover in their own research. 


Evaluating Sources Worksheet 

Session 2 (optional, but encouraged):

Students are grouped by overarching research topics for discussion and analysis of their work. This is a time for students to examine additional resources which they may incorporate into their research process. Session 2 emphasizes the integral role of the Libraries in the inquiry and research process. 


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