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TLC Borrower's Agreement

By borrowing equipment (including, but not limited to, laptops, netbooks, iPads, tablets, ebook readers, cameras, headphones, scanners, projectors, DVD players, chargers, and other accessories) from the University of Maryland Libraries, I agree to be bound by the terms of this Equipment Loan Borrower Agreement.

I agree that:

I may only borrow equipment if I am a current student, staff, or faculty member at the University of Maryland College Park (UMD) with a valid University ID card.

I am responsible for the equipment at all times, until it is returned to a UMD Libraries staff member at the service desk where I checked it out. I will not leave equipment unattended, loan it to or leave it in the care of anyone else, or leave it in any book drop. When returning equipment, I will hand it to a UMD Libraries staff member and wait while they fulfill their obligations to inventory components, test equipment operations, and provide a return receipt upon request.

I will immediately report any loss or damage of the equipment and/or its accessories to a Libraries staff member at the service desk where I checked it out.

I will pay all costs associated with damage to, loss, or theft of the equipment and/or its accessories while it is checked out to me, up to the maximum replacement cost and processing fees.

I understand that I use this equipment at my own risk, and that the UMD Libraries is not responsible for any damages resulting from my use of it.

I will pay all overdue fines and processing fees if I fail to return the equipment and/or its accessories on time to UMD Libraries staff at the service desk where I checked it out. I will return all equipment at least ten minutes before the library’s service desk closes. Fines accrue regardless of the hours the library is open. All charges will be billed directly to my UMD account.

I will abide by the University of Maryland Code of Student Conduct, Guidelines for Acceptable use of Computing Resources, and all other applicable University of Maryland policies. Equipment may not be used for illegal activities including but not limited to: disruption of other users/services/equipment; harassment; distribution of unsolicited advertising, propaganda or computer viruses; and attempts to make unauthorized entries into other computers. I will not tamper with equipment hardware or software. I will not attempt to load or copy software to the equipment.

The UMD Libraries is not responsible for any files left on the equipment, or for loss of, or damage to, files during the loan period. All files will be erased when the equipment is turned off.


I understand that I should be proficient in the use of the hardware/software I plan to access. Library staff does not provide assistance in the use of either hardware or software.


Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in the loss of borrowing privileges for equipment and other library materials, as well as incurring late, lost, or processing fees.