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During the final stages of the migration to UMD Discover, some library services are temporarily unavailable.

Update Library Staff pages

In Hippo CMS, all staff related documents are under the folder: pubic/library staff

Update staff profile

Locate staff using university ID or search by name under: documents/public/library-staff/staff/ 
Note: Yelena's team usually maintains Subjects, College & Schoo, and Library Locations. 

  1. Display: Un-check the Display option if the staff is no longer with UMD library. This filed is checked for most of our staff.
  2. Functional Title: HR usually maintains this field. Do not make any edits if you are unsure. Check with HR or Yelena. 
  3. Profile URL: enter external url here, LibGuide page for this entry. 
  4. Subjects: select desired subjects from the Available list. Each subject is stored in the folder documents/public/library-staff/subjects/ subject  It doesn't matter what the document name is. The name field in each subject must match with what's in documents/public/library-staff/subject-list 
  5. About Subject List: the value in Label, displays on subject specialist pages, eg.
  6. College or School: select desired College or School from the Available list. 
  7. Library location: 
  8. Specialists Note: Only for Priddy library staff. See example of eharring's document.
  9. Interest: Not used.
  10. Photo:
    1. images dimension should be 160 x 200 px. If image is a square, at least make the width 160px. That way, images on all will have the same width.
    2. image file size should be around or below 50kb. format should be .png or .jpg 
    3. upload picture to gallery/public/library-staff/staff
    4. use umd directory id as file name.
    5. select desired image use Image Picker too.
  11. Profile: Enter profile texts here. When copy & paste from MS Word or email, make sure to remove extra style in html source view.
  12. Schedule a Meeting: enter the 5-digit number you can find on LibCal admin page: Admin > Accounts



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