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About Us

The Architecture Library is located on the upper floor of the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. We are open to everyone, but our collections focus on the subject areas of architecture, historic preservation, real estate development, and urban and community planning. If you are enrolled in one of the majors housed at the School, you can access the library 24/7 by swiping your ID card in the card reader. This is a privilege extended to majors in the school only. Otherwise, you may access the library 11 AM to 4 PM Mondays through Thursdays or by appointment. Please check the daily hours for accurate open  and closing times. 

The Librarian and the Staff

Cindy Frank is the librarian for the Architecture Library. She is the liaison librarian to the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

You can reach her at She is a licensed architect, and a graduate of the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. 

Library staff members are here to help you get started on your research, and locate the books and journal articles that can help you with your studies.

The Collections

Architecture, Historic Preservation, Real Estate Development, Urban and Community Planning. You will find books and journals about these subjects in the Architecture Library.

We also have a special collections room; items there must be requested individually, and can only be used in the room.

View down an aisle of bookshelves. The books are on both sides of the aisle.
View of the books in the folio section of the library.


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