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Announcing the University of Maryland’s Pilot Agreement with Wiley

Contract extension features open access option for UMD corresponding authors.

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The University of Maryland (UMD) Libraries are pleased to announce that we have signed a one-year, cost neutral contract extension with Wiley in collaboration with the BTAA.  The agreement extends our existing Wiley Online Library Database Model contract, and includes a new Open Access (OA) option, as a pilot in collective action toward the BTAA Big Collection. Under this agreement, UMD corresponding authors may publish articles in Wiley hybrid journals (except for Gold OA titles) at no additional cost. UMD will see a 0% increase over the subscription fees paid for the 2021 calendar year, while the full cost of the OA pilot is covered by BTAA.
The Wiley OA pilot benefits both the broader scholarly community and the public by making research published under this agreement by UMD faculty and graduate students available to anyone with an internet connection, no subscription or university affiliation required.
“This represents a significant step towards a more sustainable scholarly knowledge infrastructure among institutions in the BTAA,” says Daniel Mack, Associate Dean of Libraries Collection Strategies and Services. “It sets an example for other institutions to follow to create a future where publicly funded research is equitably accessible.”
How Does the OA Piece Work?

  • Eligible authors may publish OA in Wiley hybrid journals at no cost to themselves, up to a capped number of article credits. UMD authors, including Graduate Assistants, who submit articles to Wiley for publication are eligible. UMD’s number of OA credits equals 65% of the number of articles published by its authors in Wiley hybrid journals in 2020.
  • Eligible articles include primary research and review articles, including case studies and reviews, but not announcements, letters, editorials, or book/other media reviews.
  • Once UMD has fully used its OA article credits, its authors are eligible for a 10% discount on Article Processing Charges (APCs) in any Wiley hybrid journal.
  • Eligible articles must be accepted in a Wiley hybrid journal between 1 February 2022 and 31 December 2022.
  • There is not a retroactive open access option for this agreement. Once an article is published in Early View or In Issue online, it is no longer eligible. 

How do I publish OA in Wiley?
Choosing to make an article OA is part of the Wiley publishing workflow. Once an article has been accepted in a Wiley hybrid journal, the author may opt to make it OA and, as part of Wiley’s OA request workflow, they must indicate their institutional affiliation with a participating BTAA institution (such as UMD). Once they submit their OA request, it will be forwarded to the Libraries for approval
Why doesn’t this agreement include Wiley’s fully gold open access journals?
BTAA and Wiley did not agree to include the fully open access journals in the 2022 agreement.  Publishers generally do not include fully OA journals in agreements, unless institutions pay an additional amount equal to what institutional authors have paid in APCs in the past.
Who do I contact for more information?
Please contact Alex Dodd, Continuing Resources Librarian, at  for questions or more information on participating in the Wiley pilot agreement.

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