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Digital Services and Technologies

The strategic mission of the Digital Services and Technologies (DST) Division is to manage and to enable management and use of the University of Maryland Libraries’ digital assets in all formats and media, in all phases of their lifecycle. To meet its mission, the division conducts policy and strategic planning, and launches and/or coordinates digital initiatives and programs in collaboration with other divisions in the UMD Libraries and across the campus. DST also monitors and evaluates emerging technologies and trends, and deploys those technologies when suitable. DST plays an active role in coordinating and conducting the UMD Libraries’ external partnerships in various aspects of digital libraries.

Some of the policy and planning exercises include:

  • Digital stewardship plan
  • Digital preservation policy
  • Digital content strategy
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Research data program business plan
  • ePublishing business analysis and plan
  • Digital conversion and media reformatting plan and processes

Some of the initiatives and programs include: