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Research and Academic Services

The Research and Academic Services Division (RAS) supports the education, research, and scholarship needs of the campus by working directly with the University's students, faculty, and staff members to provide a breadth of services to ensure their academic excellence.

RAS consists of the following departments: User Services and Resource Sharing and Research Teaching and Learning.

Portrait of Gary White

Gary White

SR. Associate Dean, Research and Academic Services (Librarian IV)

User Services and Resource Sharing

The User Services & Resource Sharing department manages the Library Services Desk, TLC Tech Desk, and related services and spaces in McKeldin Library; collection maintenance and fulfillment operations at McKeldin and Severn Libraries; interlibrary loan and course reserves services; and (with Research, Teaching and Learning) the Libraries' Ask Us! virtual information services. 

Portrait of Hilary Thompson

Hilary Thompson

Director, User Services & Resource Sharing (Librarian III)
Portrait of Sharona Ginsberg

Sharona Ginsberg

Head, Student Engagement Services (Librarian II)
Portrait of Paula Greenwell

Paula Greenwell

Manager, Logistics & Periodicals
Portrait of Anna Nabity

Anna Nabity

Manager, Collections Maintenance & Retrieval
Portrait of Brynne Norton

Brynne Norton

Head, Resource Sharing & Reserves (Librarian II)
Portrait of Adnan Qureshi

Adnan Qureshi

Manager, Late Night Services and Building Security
Portrait of James Spring

James Spring

Manager, Library Services Unit
Portrait of Charles Wright

Charles Wright

User Services & Resource Sharing, Billing & Accounts

Research, Teaching, and Learning

The Department of Research, Teaching, and Learning incorporates all subject liaison and instructional librarians from across campus libraries, and staff working in the Architecture Library, the Art Library, the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, and the STEM Library. We provide strong outreach and liaison services to campus departments, subject-specific and general reference and research assistance, teaching subject-specific and general information classes, developing and managing library collections, and developing innovative services and tools in support of the research needs of a world class university.

Portrait of Yelena Luckert

Yelena Luckert

Director of Research, Teaching, & Learning (Librarian IV)
Portrait of Lindsay Carpenter

Lindsay Carpenter

Head, Research Education (Librarian III)
Portrait of Cindy Frank

Cindy Frank

Head of Art & Architecture Libraries (Librarian III)
Portrait of Rachel Gammons

Rachel Gammons

Head of Teaching and Learning Services (Librarian IV)
Portrait of Stephen Henry

Stephen Henry

Head MSPAL (Librarian III)
Portrait of Judith Markowitz

Judith Markowitz

Gender and Sexuality Studies Librarian III (Librarian III)
Portrait of Nevenka Zdravkovska

Nevenka Zdravkovska

Head, STEM Library (Librarian III)

Employment Opportunities

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