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Shared Governance

Library Assembly

The Library Assembly provides an opportunity for library faculty, staff, students, and administrators to participate in shared governance. The primary function of the Library Assembly is to advise the Dean of Libraries and the Library Management Group (LMG) on any matter or concern, including but not limited to, policies, services, programs, development of the learning organization, strategic planning, professional development, mentoring, faculty evaluation, and salary recommendations (subject to the limitations imposed by laws or superseding university documents).

University Library Council 

The University Senate's Library Council (ULC) is advisory to the Dean of Libraries. It is appointed jointly by the Provost and the Senate, and reports to both. The specific membership of the ULC is defined in the Senate Bylaws. The ULC meets regularly, usually with the Dean of Libraries, and advises him/her on all library issues of interest to the university community.

Student Advisory Group

A diverse group of students, the Student Advisory Group appointed by the dean, meets throughout the academic year, engages in discussions about the changing nature of libraries, and advises the dean on issues important to them.

Campaign Committee

This committee is powered by library champions who support fundraising and advocacy efforts related to the Libraries. Members act as advocates and ambassadors promoting the importance of the Libraries in fulfilling the university's educational, research, and public service mission, and help to advance the Libraries' funding priorities.

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