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Revealing La Révolution

Funded by the College of Arts and Humanities, the national French Pamphlet Planning Project, and the University of Maryland Libraries, Revealing La Révolution (the UMD French Pamphlet Project) is an effort to analyze and digitize a selected subset of the approximately 12,000 French pamphlets currently held by the UMD Libraries. These pamphlets reveal valuable information about society during the upheaval of the French Revolution (June 1788-December 1804) and provide cultural historians, linguists, and political scientists with important source material to study history, language, politics, government, and social issues. Revealing La Révolution will create opportunities for disciplinary cross-fertilization by offering scholars and students working in the French revolution, political science, history, and French with these unique resources.

Who We Are

Working in cooperation with the Department of French and Italian, the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, and the University of Maryland Libraries, Revealing La Révolution strives to make these important historical artifacts more accessible for scholarly and pedagogical purposes.  The Project was founded by Assistant Professor Sarah Benharrech and Professor Valerie K. Orlando of the Department of French and Italian and Kelsey Corlett-Rivera, Librarian for the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, from the University of Maryland Libraries. The current stage of the project is primarily funded by the UMD Libraries, and managed by the Libraries project team: Kelsey Corlett-Rivera, Doug McElrath and Joanne Archer from the Libraries' Special Collections, along with John Schalow from the Metadata Services Department.  Revealing La Révolution counts on the support of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities as well, specifically Jennifer Guiliano, who serves as Digital Historian on the project. More than a few dedicated graduate and undergraduate students have also contributed significantly to this project.

Seal depicting an enslaved person and the words Ne Suis-Je Paston Frere

Adresse À L'assemblée Nationale, Pour L'abolition de la Traite des Noirs. Paris: Impr. de L. Potier de Lille, 1790.

Project Blog

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Cataloged and Digitized Pamphlets

While our students have completed an item-level inventory of over 4,000 pamphlets, only a small percentage have been cataloged in full and included in WorldcatUMD. Try this saved search to peruse those items; limit by ebook on the left to view those items that are available electronically. On that note, all the pamphlets we have digitized have been compiled in a sub-collection of the Internet Archive, where you can even browse by subject. Here are some of the pamphlets we've scanned most recently: