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Diversity Advisory Committee

Mission Statement  

The Libraries' Diversity Advisory Committee exists to create a supportive environment for staff as well as integrate and implement the University Diversity Initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to be supportive of each individual staff member as well as keeping diversity initiatives at the forefront of the UM Libraries' strategic operations.

Core Elements of the Committee

  • Improve, create, build, and advance the environment, and/or climate of the organization
  • Promote awareness of cultural and diverse issues, by keeping staff informed
  • Monitor change
  • Provide outreach and education
  • Create awareness that diversity has the power to transform the individual, the group or team, and the organization
  • Communicate the importance of valuing human life and the contribution individuals make to the organization and to society.

Embracing the Vision for Diversity  

Libraries' Diversity Advisory Committee leads the UM Libraries' faculty, staff and students in fostering a positive and collaborative environment that promotes excellence in quality of service to the University Community.

We accomplish this by:

  • Creating a climate where all are valued, respected and encouraged to reach their greatest potential
  • Showing compassion and support for each staff member at times of personal need
  • Promoting diversity issues
  • Embracing change in the Libraries and in the broader community
  • Providing diversity information resources