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Billing & Fines

Email Notices

There are several types of notices that you may receive. Please follow the instructions in the email to avoid late fees.

Types of email notices include:

  • Courtesy Notice or reminder of due dates 
  • UMD Libraries Overdue material notices
  • UMD Libraries Bill for Overdue Materials
  • Loan Recall notices (see Recalled Library Materials for more information)

Please note that email notices are sent as a courtesy and they are not available to borrowers who do not provide an email address. Failure to get a notice does not change the obligation of the borrower to return or renew the material on time. It is the responsibility of the borrower to update their contact information. See Updating Your Contact Information for more information.

Note: We no longer send notices through the mail. 

For questions concerning a notice, please use the Billing Inquiry Form.

Overdue Fines and Fees - Books & Other Materials

Material Type Overdue Fines Maximum Fine Replacement Fee
Regular material

NOTE: daily overdue fines are not charged, but a replacement fee is charged once the book is declared "Lost"

$125 (Lost @ 60 days)*
Recalled material $5/day $125 $125 (Lost @ 60 days)*
Reserve material $5/hour $50 $125 (Lost @ 1 day)*
Interlibrary Loan material

NOTE: daily overdue fines are not charged, but a replacement fee is charged once the book is declared "Lost"

$125 (Lost @ 60 days)*

Materials requested from another USMAI library

NOTE: fines are administered by the owning library

NOTE: Damaged material can result in additional fees up to the cost of the Replacement Fee.

* Lost fees are not automatically refunded upon an item's return. To request a waiver or reduction of a lost fee, please complete the Billing Inquiry Form.

Overdue Fines and Fees - Equipment

Equipment Type Overdue Fines Lost Equipment Processing Fee Replacement Fee
Laptops $5/hour $500 $1900
iPads, Tablets, DSLR Cameras $5/hour $250 $600
Chargers, Headphones, Calculators, or Other Accessories $5/hour $100 $100
Cameras and Projectors $5/hour $250 $350
Daily Equipment Items $10/day NOTE: Processing and Replacement Fees vary. Contact the TLC through the Billing Inquiry Form.
Whiteboard Marker Sets   $10

NOTE: Once equipment is late enough to be marked "Lost" (48 hours for hourly items and 14 days for daily items), you will be charged the full replacement fee. When the equipment is returned, a portion will remain on your account as a "Lost Equipment Processing Fee."

If you receive an overdue notice:

  • for UMD (College Park) items, please complete the Billing Inquiry Form. We will route your request to the billing supervisor at the owning library.
  • for USMAI items, please contact the billing supervisor at the owning library.
  • charges may be negotiable if you supply an acceptable replacement. Contact the owning library for details.
  • bring back the lost item if found; some charges may be cancelled
  • damage charges depend on the value of the item and the extent of damage as assessed by the Libraries.


Please use the Billing Inquiry Form to inquire about library fines, charges or overdue notices.

Bills are sent to you by the University of Maryland Student Financial Services and Cashiering. Once received, you can mail a check or pay online through one of the following portals: 

Please note that unpaid bills could result in:

  • blocked library privileges.
  • blocked course registration.
  • blocked graduation.
  • blocked transcript requests.
  • bills being sent to a collection agency.