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Research & Teaching Fellowship

Zayden Tethong
Zayden T.

"The Research and Teaching Fellowship offers the most supportive team of librarians and instructors to learn with. It has been an extremely enriching program, both professionally and personally."

Meet our 2020 cohort

The University of Maryland Libraries Research and Teaching Fellowship prepares MLIS graduate students to enter into a competitive academic job market.

The scaffolded training program equips Fellows with the skills and experience to perform entry-level public services functions including: information literacy instruction, research assistance, program assessment, and peer training.

Fellowship goes beyond basic job responsibilities to prepare Fellows to step into faculty roles by providing funding and support for professional development, including:

  • Presentations, posters, and conferences
  • Engagement with current literature with academic librarians through a monthly journal club
  • Opportunity to lead a small scale research and assessment project of your choosing
  • Support in your job search processes by providing career readiness workshops, mentorship, and a supportive community of practice.

This competitive program is open annually to five MLIS students. 100% of alums have gone on to receive job offers from prestigious academic and research institutions. For more information, meet our current and past fellows.


  • Enroll in LBSC750 (1 credit) 
  • Receive in-depth training in teaching and reference
  • Observe three graduate student and librarian-led teaching sessions
  • Co-teach information literacy teaching sessions with senior Fellows and independently lead at least one teaching session.
  • Complete 1 to 2 desk hours at the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Library (STEM Library) combined services desk per week
  • Participate in monthly journal clubs discussions on recent scholarship open to all library faculty and staff
  • Hold weekly in-person office hour
  • Enroll in LBSC751 (1-credit) 
  • Teach 15 - 20 information literacy sessions for first-year students 
  • Complete 1 to 2 desk hours at the STEM Library combined services desk per week
  • Co-lead monthly journal club discussions
  • Hold weekly in-person office hour
  • Participate in professional development workshops
  • Receive mentorship and support in the academic job search 
  • Enroll in LBSC752 (1 credit) 
  • Teach 10-15 information literacy sessions for first-year students 
  • Provide 1 to 2 hours of reference assistance per week at McKeldin Library 
  • Train junior Fellows by serving as Teaching Assistants for LBSC750
  • Co-lead monthly journal club discussions
  • Hold weekly office hour
  • Participate in professional development workshops
  • Receive mentorship and support in the academic job search 
  • Optional, but encouraged: Senior Fellows complete a 60-hour Teaching as Research Project that fulfills the MLIS field study requirement (when combined with regular Fellowship responsibilities). 
    • Partner with a subject specialist to design, lead, and assess an upper-level information literacy or outreach initiative
    • Share results of their assessment with their peers at the iSchool Symposium and their colleagues in the UMD Libraries at the Library Research & Innovative Practice Forum.

Yes! We welcome all MLIS students, including HiLS.

Please note the Research & Teaching Fellowship has a three-semester involvement limit. Students in HiLS or students completing their degree part-time should strategically plan when they apply for the Fellowship.

Yes, online and part-time students are welcome to apply, provided that they are able to fully participate on-campus during their three-semester commitment. All Fellowship activities take place on the College Park campus. The Fellowship does not offer remote opportunities at this time.

No, typically Fellows do not work throughout the summer. We do receive some requests for instruction over the summer and limited teaching opportunities are available to interested Fellows.

Field Study is a required component of the Master of Library Information Science (MLIS) degree at the University of Maryland. You can pursue your Field Study as part of the Fellowship. During the final semester, facilitators will pair you with a UMD librarian for a 60-hour "teaching as research" project. This project, combined with your Fellowship duties, will fulfill Field Study component requirements of the MLIS degree.

Yes. You will not be assigned a "teaching-as-research" project if you chose this option. You are expected to participate in all other Fellowship activities during the third semester.

Yes! Fellows work ~5-10 hours a week. Fellows can set their own instruction schedules to best fit with other commitments.

No, to be considered, applicants must commit to three consecutive semesters. Programs run from Spring to Spring. If a three-semester commitment fits your degree plan, you're welcome to apply.

Congratulations! Applications open every Fall semester. To be considered, applicants must commit to three consecutive semesters. Programs run from Spring to Spring. If a three-semester commitment fits your degree plan, you're welcome to apply.

Thank you for your interest! All of our materials are available under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA-NC) in which you are free to share and adapt the material.
We would love to hear how people are using our materials; please contact Rachel, Suzy, or Lindsay to share!

Semesters 1 and 2

Weekly hours: ~5

Rate: $15.00/hr

Semester 3

Weekly hours: ~10*

Rate: $15.00/hr

*All hours count toward course credit for the field study. Only 5 hours per week will be compensated with hourly rate.

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in the University of Maryland MLIS degree program and in good standing.
  • Participation is limited to three semesters.
    • Students with degree paths longer than a traditional two-year program (such as HiLS students) should plan strategically when they apply for the Fellowship.
  • Applicants with an interest in academic librarianship and those with a graduate assistantship on the College Park campus will be given special consideration.

Fellows agree to abide by the Teaching & Learning Instructor Policies. 

iSchool Courses: The Fellowship will be designed to complement the skills and theories introduced to students within the iSchool curriculum. Fellows are encouraged to enroll in the following courses, as available:

  • INST 614 - Information Literacy, Inclusion, and the Public Good
  • LBSC 702 - User Instruction
  • LBSC 734 - Seminar in the Academic Library

Alumni Testimonials

The Fellowship was an amazing experience and gave me important insight into how an academic library functions, how to address the needs of both the institution and more importantly, the audience it serves. The support from other fellows and librarians was as important as the skills I learned.
Teaching is such an important part of academic librarianship. It has has been a required or preferred component of every job I applied for this year, and I think that being able to list my experience on my resume made me a more competitive applicant.
Knowing that I always had support was so valuable. Whether it was applying to a job, or improving an instruction session that didn’t go well, I could always email someone, come into the office and talk. That helped me to grow.
The Research and Teaching fellowship is the best preparation for applying to jobs that I could have asked for. It has made me competitive for library positions I wouldn't have been qualified for otherwise.
I feel much more prepared for the instruction and research aspects of my faculty position because of the work I did in the Fellowship. I also feel much more keyed into the profession thanks to our discussions about conferences and ways to get involved in professional organizations, and that has also made me feel less like an impostor in my first real library job.
rachel gammons

Rachel Gammons

Head of Teaching and Learning Services, UMD Libraries | Visit staff profile

Rachel is a teaching librarian at UMD Libraries. She coordinates first year programming and leads teaching efforts across the Libraries. Rachel loves working with graduate students because they make her feel old and wise. Her research interests include feminist pedagogy, mentoring for new professionals, and intersections between librarianship and student affairs. She likes talking about power structures and gender performance, but not in a boring way. Find her on twitter @rwgammons.


Lindsay Inge Carpenter

Pedagogy Librarian, UMD Libraries | Visit staff profile

Lindsay is the Pedagogy Librarian at UMD Libraries, where she leads information literacy instruction sessions for first-year students. Lindsay loves learning alongside the Fellows and talking about everything libraries with them. Her research interests include information literacy, feminist and critical pedagogy, and diversity and inclusion in academic libraries.


Suzy Wilson

Teaching and Learning Librarian, UMD Libraries | Visit staff profile

Suzy is the Teaching & Learning Librarian at UMD Libraries and an alumna of the Research & Teaching Fellowship. She works closely with the fellows and manages the first-year library instruction program for UMD's Academic Writing Program (ENGL 101).
Her research interests include critical and evidence-based pedagogy and how information professionals engage with LIS education and support new professionals.