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Connect to Wifi

UMD provides three wireless internet connectivity networks on campus: eduroam, umd-guest, and umd-iot. UMD students, faculty, and staff should use eduroam to connect to UMD's Wi-Fi service with cellphones and laptops.

Connecting to the campus wireless network (eduroam)

SecureW2 should be launched before connecting a device for the first time or after a Directory ID passphrase update. For details, see Before Connecting to eduroam. (this can be done before you get to campus)


  1. Open the network selection screen of your device
  2. Tap or click eduroam from the list of detected wireless networks. 
  3. Log in using your (even if that is not the email address that you use) in the User Name field and your directory ID password.
  4. Click Join, Connect, or OK depending on your device.
  5. A Verify Certificate window may open depending on your device.
    • Click Continue or Trust to authenticate the server certificate.

Android users may need to use the following settings:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase-2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate: Select "Use system certificates" (if this option is not available, please try SecureW2 or contact Division of IT Service Desk)
  • Domain:
  • Identity: (even if that is not the email address that you use)
  • Anonymous identity: (leave blank)
  • Password: your directory ID password

Other problems? See the Division of IT's eduroam connection guide or contact the Service Desk by calling 301-405-1500 or  visit Terrapin Tech.

UMD provides two wireless internet connectivity networks for visitors to campus: eduroam and umd-guest.

  • If you use eduroam at your home institution, you can use it here too!
  • Which USMAI and other local schools participate in eduroam? UMD, UMGC, UMB, UMBC, Towson, Morgan State, and Georgetown all participate in eduroam. (check your school’s IT pages for your specific Username and Password requirements)
  • For more information about participating schools, visit the eduroam site.
    • Don’t see your school? Can’t log in?
      • Follow the Guest Wi-Fi Access instructions below.
  • For more information about eduroam at UMD, visit the IT's eduroam list of guides.

University of Maryland Wi-Fi access is available for all campus guests! 

Using a device that can receive SMS text messages (cellphone)

  1. Choose the umd-guest network option and follow the prompts to request an account..
  2. Wait for a text message (you may need to leave the library receive the text)
  3. Access the text message to get your 24 hour username and password
  4. Sign on!

You can use your username and password to sign on with up to 3 devices. (Guest WiFi accounts are for use on your devices and cannot be used on Public PCs)

Guest Wi-Fi accounts expire after 24 hours. You can repeat the process if you need additional time.

If you are unable to connect to the umd-guest wireless network, you may use  the public computers available in all campus Libraries. Please visit a service point to request a guest login account

All university faculty and staff may provide Sponsored Accounts to personal guests if they wish to do so. (Library staff do not sponsor guest Wireless Accounts)

  • Call 301-405-1500, the Division of Information Technology Service Desk
  • Visit Terrapin Tech in the ESJ building for in-person tech support.

Reminder: All campus buildings are public spaces, even the Libraries, so be vigilant about guarding the safety of your personal belongings.

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