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Public Computers

How to Login to a Library Computer

In order to use public computers in any library, users need to log in with their Directory ID and password.

Your Directory ID is your UMD email address without "" and your password is the same one you use for logging into ELMS-Canvas.

UMD Users can use to link their preferred storage (Box, Dropbox, Google drive, One Drive). Just authorize your storage accounts, and they’ll show up just like a hard drive within any virtual app or on any library computer station when you sign in.

Temporary guest accounts can be requested from service points at all accessible UMD library locations by showing a photo ID. In McKeldin for example, the Library Services Desk on the first floor or the TLC Tech Desk on the second floor.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

Driver's license, state-issued ID card, passport, military ID, school ID, or other institutional ID with photo and unique identifying number. 

All guest accounts allow users access for 7 consecutive days, at which point a new guest account will need to be created.

Note: guest accounts will not work on Mac workstations.

Saving files? Users cannot save or store their work onto library computers and are advised to use cloud storage (Google drive, Box, etc.) or a flash drive to save documents. UMD Users can use for on-the-go saving and access to files on campus computers.

Filters on Library computers? There are no filters on computers in the University Libraries, so controversial materials are not screened out.

Where to Find a Library Computer

Availability as of 12:30 AM on July 20, 2024
Refresh this page to get an updated list

Location Sort descending PC (Available / Total) Mac (Available / Total)
Architecture Library - 5 / 6
Art Library 1st floor 4 / 4 5 / 7
Maryland Room 7 / 7 -
McKeldin Library 1st floor 62 / 62 3 / 12
McKeldin Library 2nd floor 40 / 40 10 / 12
McKeldin Library 3rd floor 2 / 2 -
McKeldin Library 4th floor 2 / 2 -
McKeldin Library 5th floor 2 / 2 -
McKeldin Library 6th floor 2 / 2 -
McKeldin Library 7th floor 2 / 2 -
Performing Arts Library 1st floor 18 / 18 4 / 4
Performing Arts Library 2nd floor 5 / 5 -
STEM Library 1st floor 29 / 29 3 / 5
STEM Library 2nd floor 2 / 2 -
STEM Library 3rd floor 2 / 2 -

Software on Library Computers

The unified desktop allows users to access the Internet and Library pages, along with all software available through the Division of Information Technology, such as MATLAB, minitab, etc. 

Check out the list of software available on library computers

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