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Schedule of Classes

The Schedules of Classes serve as an official record of all courses taught by semester at the University of Maryland from 1919 to the present. The schedules list all courses taught across campus, semester by semester. They include course numbers and titles, instructors’ names, day and time of offering, and classroom locations. In addition, many of the volumes include such general information as final exam schedules, instructions for registration, tuition payment deadlines, key dates in each semester, descriptions of student services, learning opportunities, significant policies affecting student conduct, and advising requirements.

  • Current Schedules
  • 1919 - past semester
  • Prior to 1900
    • Lists of class offerings prior to 1919 appear in the Course Catalogs, although there is no indication of exactly when each course was taught in those earlier years. These catalogs provide a compilation of all classes approved for the curriculum and form an important adjunct to the schedules of classes when they begin and continue to serve as a significant resource for more recent and current years.
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