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University of Maryland Student Handbooks

For over 100 years, all incoming freshmen received a Student Handbook, known for many years as the "M Book," to help orient them to campus. Variously published by the campus chapter of the Young Men"s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.), the Maryland Christian Association, the Student Government Association (SGA), and ultimately the university itself, this publication included messages from campus administrators, the constitution and bylaws of the student government, rules of behavior, academic calendars, descriptions of selected student organizations, parking regulations, and songs and cheers, among many other items of information that Students needed at their fingertips. They provide an interesting snapshot of campus and Student life during their nearly 100 years of publication.

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Ge-he! Ge-he! Ge-ha! ha!
Bomm a racka! Boom a racka!
"Maryland!", from the 1924-1925 Handbook

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