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Arthur Newstead Collection

Arthur Newstead was born in London August 4, 1881 and studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music under Oscar Beringer and later with Harold Bauer. Months after his graduation from the Royal Academy, his distinction, earned from many masterful concert performances, promoted him to Professor of that institution at the young age of 21 years. After two years, Newstead was forced to resign his position due to numerous public engagements following his tremendous success at an orchestral concert in which he played three concertos by Beethoven, Liszt, and Saint-Saëns.Photograph of Arthur Newstead, pianist

By the time he was 27, Newstead had already visited and performed in 17 different countries, playing more than 200 concerts. After a tour of the British Isles during 1904-1905, he traversed the Western Hemisphere, starting with South America, then Mexico, and finally the West Indies. His success in Buenos Aires demanded eleven concerts before the final farewell concert and a contract was made to return the following August. A similar success in Mexico City resulted in twelve concerts given during the span of a month at which Newstead played over 100 works.

During the winter of 1906-1907, Newstead toured Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Germany at which time he had the opportunity to play before the Royal Family in Sweden three times and was received with high praise. Upon hearing Newstead's performance of one of his own works, Edvard Grieg exclaimed that Newstead's interpretation of the work coincided very nearly with his own. At the close of his third tour of South America in 1913, Newstead was invited to join the piano faculty of the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland. Soon thereafter, his former pupil, Katherine Bacon sailed to America to resume her study with Mr. Newstead. On May 29, 1916, three days after her graduation from Peabody, Bacon and Newstead were married. The following year, a daughter, Joan, was born.

Next, Newstead accepted a teaching position at the Institute of Musical Art (now the Juilliard School) in New York City and for a short while he taught both in Baltimore and New York. Finally, the family settled permanently in NYC, and Arthur Newstead remained on the Juilliard faculty for 35 years.

Arthur Newstead died in his home in New York City on April 1, 1952.



Here are found programs and promotional fliers related to specific performances by Arthur Newstead. The files are arranged chronologically and span the period May 15, 1908 through July 28, 1937. This series is located in Box 3.


This file contains two letters and is located in Box 3.


Located in Box 3 are eight photographs that are divided into two subseries:

1. Formal Portraits
2. Miscellaneous Photographs


Here are found documents relating to Arthur Newstead's personal and professional life. This series is located in Box 3 and is divided into 4 categories:

File 1 - Publicity
File 2 - Biographical Articles
File 3 - Obituary
File 4 - Legal Documents