Today: STEM Library 08:00AM - 11:00PM

The Makerspace @ the STEM Library

Located on the first floor of the STEM Library, the Makerspace is home to many kinds of equipment which students can use to . . . .

3D Printing

STEM Library patrons have access to 3D printing at in two forms. The first, is to book an instruction session, and have library staff show you the ropes. Learn where to find models, how to change filament, and print your first job for free.

Zortrax M300 3D Printer

Zortrax M300

Already familiar with the basics? Submit a part to be printed by staff and picked up at the STEM Library services desk.

Print a part!

The cost for the 'print a part' service is $0.20/gram and requests for 3D printing are done on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Payment is via Terrapin Express, Credit Card (must be over $5) or Copy Card. Ready to print? Fill out our 3D Print Request Form to get started.

Laser Cutting  

STEM Library patrons have the ability to cut, engrave and score with our new Glowforge laser cutter. First time Glowforge users are encouraged to book an instruction session with library staff to learn some simple best practices before starting on a project.

If patrons have already been given instruction by STEM library staff, or can prove they've completed training at another campus makerspace, patrons should complete our project request form, so we can approve the project, and schedule a time for you to use the equipment.     

Glowforge w/ lid open showing engraved draft board coasters inside


Loanable Tool Kits

STEM library, in partnership with Terrapin Works in the James A. Clark School of Engineering, also provides loanable tool kits which students can check out from the library services desk, and use for projects on the go.

Types of kits that are available are: 

  • Electronics: Soldering iron, Multimeter, Helping Hands, Wiring, Breadboard and more.
  • Fastening: Screw Drivers, C-Clamps, Hot-Glue Gun, Tape Measure, Combination Square and more.
  • Woodworking: Hammer, Mini Hacksaw, Scribing Compass, Torpedo Level, Files and more
  • General Engineering: Screw Drivers, Files, Mini Pliers, Rachet Set, Hot Glue Gun and more.
Briefcase filled with tools that can be loaned at STEM Library

General Engineering Tool Kit

Briefcase filled with tools that can be loaned at STEM Library

Woodworking Tool Kit

Coming Soon . . .

New technologies to help you experiment and bring your ideas to life, including a CNC milling machine and Dobot Magician robotic arm!