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Tabling and Donation Drives

Tabling inside McKeldin Library

The University of Maryland Libraries is dedicated to providing a scholarly environment, which we define as an environment supportive of learning, research, scholarship, creative production, and collaboration. For this reason, tabling not sponsored or approved by the Libraries is not permitted in any library facility. This includes solicitation and advocacy tabling of all kinds, whether by university or external groups. Anyone found tabling in violation of these rules will be asked to cease immediately and relocate to a tabling site outside of the libraries. 

University departments and university-recognized student groups who are partnering with the University Libraries on an event or initiative may request to table in McKeldin Library to promote the joint program. Requests and arrangements should be made through the Libraries faculty/staff partner and should be made at least two weeks in advance. Fundraising or selling products/merchandise is not permitted.

Tabling outside McKeldin Library

The McKeldin Mall outside of McKeldin Library is managed by Event & Guest Services in Stamp Student Union. To reserve space, please contact Event & Guest Services at 301-314-8488. You may also need to contact the McKeldin Mall Assistant Director at 301-314-8479.

For other outdoor space near McKeldin (including the space between McKeldin Mall and Library), campus groups may not need a reservation. Please refer to Appendix A of the University of Maryland Policy and Procedures for the Use of Facilities and Outdoor Spaces.

Groups can either bring their own table or rent one through Facilities Management, at 301-405-2222.

Donation Drives in McKeldin Library

The Libraries support the community service efforts of registered student organizations and university departments by offering donation collection opportunities in McKeldin Library. Non-university entities are not permitted to solicit donations in any of the Libraries’ locations. 

To place your donation bin in McKeldin Library, you must make an online booking to reserve up to four weeks for your donation drive. 

  • Donation bins must be placed in designated locations only (e.g. McKeldin Library Vestibule).
  • Donation bins should be clearly marked using the template provided by the Libraries when confirming your reservation.
  • Donations must be picked up no later than one week after the end of the drive. Failure to collect at the end of the donation period will result in donations and bins being handled at the Libraries discretion.
  • Donation bins that have been placed without a prior booking, in an unauthorized location within the Libraries, and/or are causing significant disruption to Libraries operations may be removed without notice. 
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