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Photography and Video Recording

The University Libraries offer public spaces that accommodate a wide range of users. Because libraries offer central, neutral environments that support teaching and learning, they frequently serve as backdrops for photo shoots or as destinations to interview a cross-section of students.


Photographers should comply with the guidelines below.

  1. Minimize disruption. Lights, equipment, or loud noise may compromise users' ability to accomplish their work. Be courteous.
  2. Respect privacy. Libraries have long protected the confidentiality of their users, who expect to study in an environment that safeguards their anonymity if so desired. Do not photograph over student's shoulder, for example, if it shows the content of his or her work. As a courtesy it's always best to get permission before taking somebody's photograph.Note that audio recording of private conversations without the permission of those being recorded, even when it takes place in a public space, violates Maryland law.
  3. Be safe. Do not block exits, stairways or otherwise obstruct the flow of traffic. Thousands of users enter libraries on campus every day, and their safety is paramount.


Approval for non-university groups to film on university property for commercial or non-news purposes must be obtained prior to the onset of filming. A minimum of 10 business days is required to properly consider any request. Approval is granted through the university's Office of Strategic Communications by submitting an application to request filming.

News-related interviews with University of Maryland faculty or staff do not require a Film Agreement, and no filming fee will be charged. However, interviews must be coordinated with a Media Relations Associate in the Office of University Communications. Please call 301-405-4621 for more information.

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