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Portico Room Fees

Portico Room Charges:

There is a fee for setup within the Portico Room. An administrative fee will also be charged for each hour that the room is reserved. See below for a detailed breakdown of the charges:

Portico Room Charges
  Regular Rate 50% Premium
Room Setup: $150 $225
Administrative fee (billed in minimum one hour increments): $30 $45


Reservations requested less than 3 (three) days prior to an event will incur a 50% premium on all room charges (see second column above for price breakdown).

Cancellation Deadlines:

Events canceled within 48 hours of an event will still incur requested event setup charges (the full amount).

Cancellation notifications must be confirmed in writing.

Other fees:

A payment of $75 will be assessed if the room is not cleared and restored to original condition after the event. An additional charge (minimum $75) will be applied if special cleaning of room is required after the event.