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TLC Meeting Rooms

A room with three circular tables surrounded by chairs, a rolling whiteboard, and long, tall windows

Available on the 2nd floor of McKeldin Library, the TLC Meeting Rooms are equipped to meet a variety of needs. Each room is is different in terms of size, capacity, furniture, and the technology offered. 

Some of the special uses of these rooms include:

  • Interviews (in person or virtual)
  • Group meetings (in person or virtual)
  • Student organization meetings
  • Presentation practice
  • One Button Studio
  • Group viewing of videos
  • Large study groups (for study groups smaller than 8 people, try the Group Study Rooms)
  • Events and activities co-hosted by or held in partnership with the Libraries

Please note that these rooms are not intended for and should not be used for private, individual study. To reserve a room, fill out the request form, and staff will be in contact to help book the appropriate space.

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